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What does it cost?

Postedo offers free and paid plans, see pricing.

How can we not store Instagram password?

When a user adds his Instagram account he is asked to provide a password, but we never actually save it (see it or trace it), we just use the password to fill in the Instagram login form and nothing more. After successful login, we use the “stay logged in” feature to keep publishing for the user without any hassle. Also, our site uses only HTTPS - meaning all communications between user’s browser and our site are encrypted.

How does posting work?

The actual publishing to Instagram is done by emulating mobile devices, so in practice, we click on the same buttons as a user would normally do. We certainly do not use Instagram private API or some other shady business.

Why don't you use Instagram's API and OAuth?

Sadly, posts cannot be published via old Instagram's official API. The new graph API allows very limited publishing (only 4 hashtags, no first comment, etc.) to business account and is in beta - just a few Instagram patners (which we're not) can use it. Reverse engineering and using Instagram's private API is strictly prohibited (just to be clear - we don't use it).

Will you support multiple Instagram accounts?

Yes! We'll introduce multiple accounts support with a premium plan.

What timezone is used for scheduled posts?

UTC (Coordinated Universal Time), however, you see (and set) date and time in your local timezone.

TIP: If you want to schedule for another timezone you have two options
  • 1) calculate the time for that timezone and set it relatively to yours - an online tool
  • 2) set a different timezone in your computer

Won't Instagram figure this out?

Before we started building Postedo we were looking at that and we haven't found out anything worrying. There're a few similar sites (which save user's password), that posts for the user and they operate a few years now without any problems as far as I can tell.

We also don't think Instagram has any interest in looking at automated posting or dealing with it because distinguishing real user and not so real user when we click on the same set of buttons is too difficult to do right. Imagine how annoying for users would be if an algorithm made a mistake and flag them as not so real. Big sites such as Instagram with huge traffic can't effort even slight chance of such failure.

Furthermore, you could hire an assistant to post for you and it would be practically the same thing as using a virtual one. Nowadays, every large company has a dedicated team to manage their social and to post for them. That's the same thing, again.

But, we could be wrong, you never know. We can't influence Instagram's actions, however, we can make Postedo save for users to use by banning potential spammers, so the community of Postedo users is not harmful to Instagram in any way.

Do you sell collected data?


How to tag a person in a photo?

Unfortunately, you can't tag in an image, you can use "@username" in caption though.

Do you support posts with video or multiple photos?

Currently, it is not possible to schedule video or multiple photos posts.

Something went wrong, what to do?

Contact us! By email (support@postedo.com) or in-app chat (preferable for logged in users).

Keep in mind we provide support in our free time (we have normal day jobs) and live in Czech Republic which is in UTC+1 timezone. Sometimes, we may not be able to get to you right away.

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